Ruled by Mercury, Virgo is a mutable earth sign. To visualise the energy, it is clay on a potter’s wheel being moulded with precision.

It seems that you get a bad rap and astrologers are partly to blame. When it comes to comparing sun signs, poor old Virgo gets the groan and the eyebrow raising. I would suggest it is because while the rest of us are flitting about chasing puppies on sunny days, you are behaving like a grown up.

Virgo is the sign of discrimination and refinement. It is driven by the need to be exact. Knowing whether they are right or wrong is so very important to someone with the Sun or Moon in Virgo. It is how they delineate their comfort zone.

How do you know whether you are right or wrong? Most often, you are guided by some type of rule or law – the rules of society, the rules of your family or your own personal code. Perhaps it is the laws of physics, or harmony or aesthetics. If we think about it, there are rules everywhere – and they are necessary for a harmonious society.

So while it is easy to be annoyed by someone who points out your imperfections. Remember, it is also equally annoying if the bus doesn’t arrive on time, or your surgeon cuts the wrong leg off.

Virgo is linked to all of those professions that need an eye for detail, like editors, auditors and accountants. And those with a strong sense of service – health industry professionals and social workers. Where would we be without them? Virgos are often amazing artists. When they combine an eye for detail with an innate understanding of the laws of aesthetics and design, truly beautiful things are created.

So much in our society relies on people caring enough about the detail to get it right. It saves lives and helps the buses run on time.

So, if you spend time with an unbearably picky Virgo, perhaps you could help them discern when it is the best time for them to discern. They’ll love you for it.