Ruled by Venus, Taurus is a fixed earth sign. To visualise the energy, it is hard baked earth, pottery.

Taurus energy offers a reminder that strength and sensitivity make great housemates. Our natural environment is strong and solid, based on the earth on which we stand, but we all know too well the fragility with which this ecosystem exists. Mother Nature is extraordinarily strong but she is sensitive to the way we treat her. This is the essence of Taurus.

People with Sun in Taurus will do what they can to build and maintain something beautiful and special to them. They have an extraordinary persistence to maintain their vision and create something they must protect. Their sensitivity and connection with nature generates an aesthetic eye for the beautiful. A beauty they are compelled to build and re-create for themselves. Consequently, Taureans are incredibly skilled at creating amazing spaces.

Which is just as well, because when they are not building they love nothing more than lazing about. Often described as the lazy sign, I think it is likely that their sensitivity sometimes overloads them in a metropolitan world. Call it lazy or call it re-charging the batteries, Taurean folk are so very connected with the senses they also need to give those senses a rest.

Commonly known as the stubborn sign, it’s true, it can be pretty hard to persuade them to change their mind. This stems from that vision mentioned earlier. They have a set idea in their head on how things should be and it’s based on everything that’s come before them. This is fixed earth, feet in the mud stuff. The picture in their mind is clear and they won’t be changing it without an earth shattering experience.

With this vision comes the need to keep things steady as they are, or as they are meant to be. The picture is clear, as well as the delusion that when they achieve that picture they will be able to rest. We all know that the world stands still for no man, and this can make life hard for some Taureans. Those that find the balance and learn to adjust tend have incorporated some steady reliable routines in their life. Regardless, they will inevitably face periods of earth shattering change in their lives. Be kind, even if it looks like they are over-reacting. It might not be earth shattering to you, but it is to them.

Enjoy the beauty around you Taurus and it will radiate within.