Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio is a fixed water sign. To visualise the energy, it is ice, often the icy blue of their eyes.

If you work with, live with or have a Scorpio friend you will understand what I mean by the ‘icy stare’. Nobody can cut you down with a stare quite like a Scorpio. Even people who don’t believe in astrology will have a Scorpio story and whether they admit it or not, are most likely afraid of them.

Scorpio is a fascinating energy. It is about control – keeping it or losing it – control is the key. When people are motivated by the need to be in control, they often rise to great career heights on their journey. It is easier to be in control when you are in charge.

Another perspective is that people with a strong Scorpio energy start out feeling all emotions all the time to their maximum. They are always at Number 11 on the dial. Generally speaking, as they grow up and learn to socialise they realise that their emotions need to be kept in check. So they set about controlling them. After a while, it becomes second nature and they end up controlling their emotions all the time. It’s not sustainable, so either the valve on their pipe blows altogether (scary, fiery outburst) or they have developed a release valve so they have slightly less scary outbursts more often.

Scorpios are the powerbrokers in our lives and in our societies. As with all energies they can use their power for good or evil – from CEO to organised crime boss. It is an energy to be listened to and respected because its power will influence you, somehow.

And remember, just because a Scorpio looks like they are in control doesn’t mean they are not hurting. Be nice to a Scorpio today. If it looks safe, maybe even hug them. They will love you for it.