Ruled by Neptune, Pisces is a mutable water sign. To visualise the energy, just think of the ocean, water colours, rainbows.

Oh Pisces, you can be frustrating. We love you and we look out for you. You feel and see the undercurrents of life. Your sensitivity is astounding and it draws you to the arts and to the underdog. While hurrying along, the rest of us miss the subtle change in light or mood, but you see it, capture it, ask about it.

You are rarely on time because the world is full of so many beautiful and painful distractions. We get angry with you because the rules of the world, which settle so heavily on our minds, just don’t seem to apply to you. Inevitably though, the real world catches up with you and shatters the dream.

We must remember to pick you up when this happens. Help you out and gently teach you how to bring your head down from the clouds just long enough to live a comfortable life on earth. It is important that your head be allowed back into the clouds because it is here that you create the beautiful works of art and have the visions which often make our world a better place.

As with all energies, we become masters or followers. To become a master of the Pisces energy is to unlock how to capture it…the arts, photography, music, water. It is to become a channel from another world to ours.

The down side of the Pisces energy occurs if confidence has not been developed enough to trust your energies. In this case, bitterness and deception will often triumph. A directionless life leaves great opportunity for others to take advantage of you. At the risk of sounding too Star Wars, it’s just as easy to head over to the dark side.

Pisces is a sign connected with escapism, which can be attempted through drugs and poisons. People with Sun in Pisces need to learn healthy and controlled ways to escape, otherwise with the absence of boundaries in their lives, the drugs will eventually kill them. Try fishing or swimming.

Pisces requires lots of love and understanding from yourself and others.