Ruled by Venus, Libra is a cardinal air sign. To visualise the energy, it is the stiff breeze that blows the leaves into a corner.

When it comes to reality TV shows where unskilled young people are locked in houses and made to play silly games, nobody seems to like fence-sitters. What these poor fame-hungry souls don’t realise is that they do like fence-sitters because more often than not, the most attractive, popular guy or gal in the group is a fence-sitting Libran. It’s just that Librans are so good at appeasing the crowds, you can’t even see the fence.

The Libran energy is designed to keep the peace. It wants to breeze around the room and keep everyone at an optimum and comfortable temperature. Librans work overtime making sure everyone’s needs are tended to. And while it seems they are eternally giving souls, you can bet your goat’s cheese canapé they expect to be appreciated for it.

Librans aren’t quite the airy pushover they appear to be. A lot of work goes into making things look breezily easy. It’s why they make such great event managers. They’ve studied the background of all guests if possible (if not, then just VIPs), double-checked the dietary requirements, squared away the running sheet and the contingencies for likely problems. All the while, they make it look as though things fall into place of their own accord.

Obviously not all Librans are event managers, but people with a strong Libran energy will cover up their depth of strategy with a smile and a wave. The energy is ruled by Venus, so life is about cooperating, communicating and achieving harmonious balance.  Roles of diplomacy suit them well.

So, whether you’re a party planner or a project manager for a $100 million development, make sure you have a Libran on your team to help with the negotiations.