Ruled by the Sun, Leo is a fixed fire sign. To visualise the energy, it is the burning brightness and reliable warmth of the Sun.

When the Sun is your shining light, you don’t fluctuate as often as if ruled by the Moon, but you are seasonal nevertheless. Leos can provide the winter warmth you need to brighten your day or burn until you can’t take any more.

Just like a cat looking for the comfy high spot in the room, Leos are usually looking for their stage. Once they see the eyes turned towards them and hear the appreciative murmurs, they relax into performance mode. The appreciation of others is a social thing and, in terms of elements, can be categorised as air. Nothing feeds a Leo fire better than air. Applaud your heart out and they won’t stop giving.

Turns out the whole world is a stage. If you spend time with a Leo, it pays to remember that just one other person is an audience and that everything around you is a platform – timber, grass, upturned milk crate, public transport or social media. The reason you need to know this is that if you are foolish enough to reprimand or criticise them in public, they may never forgive you. Anything contrary you have to say, must always be done away from others.

In the Leo world, everyone is always watching. To be fair, we are all drawn in by the Leo’s natural charm so someone is watching most of the time.

Living with a Leo: remember that Leo is ruled by the Sun and the Sun is at the centre of our universe. Whether it is innate or understood, every Leo knows it. Simple. Oh, and they can never hear enough praise.

Being a Leo: we love you, but please don’t wear us out. Remember that other dull folks caught up in the practical detail of life can be very helpful. If we all had the X Factor, who would clap?