Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign. To visualise the energy, think of the perseverance and vision required to create the Easter Island statues or build the pyramids.

In simple terms, Capricorn gives you energy to get stuff done. Your capacity for setting up and applying systems is extraordinary. Capricorn energy gives you a grounded presence that people trust.

It is generally not an energy that has time for daydreaming, fairies, delving too deep into emotions. This is not to say that you don’t feel them. It’s more a case of seeing no merit in going on about them. Nobody can do serious quite like Capricorn. Even your humour is structured into neatly carved dry wit. No slapstick for you, rather a darkness bordering on schadenfreude.

So, my billy goat friend, why so serious? What’s behind the need to get stuff done? Part of the answer, in my opinion, is that you are going somewhere. Usually quietly (depending on the rest of your horoscope) you are ambitious to the core.

A nice earthy patience doesn’t shout about it, so some friends and family might not realise the extent of your ambitions. Even at a snail’s pace, if you can feel a slight motion forward you will be content. While you might look positively glacial to the Aries and Gemini folks in your life, you know what you want and how you will work towards it.

If you have Moon in Capricorn, let me give you a hug. You will either melt with relief or slap me for invading your personal space. This is a Moon placement that requires some mastering throughout life. With a natural tendency toward emotional isolation, you can be hard to help.

You, of course, don’t think you need help because you are busy getting stuff done. And as long as you are getting stuff done, you’re all right. All right?!  The thing is billy goat gruff, what happens when the progress stalls or something forces you away from your work? The darkness in which you find yourself can be unfathomable. Maybe isolation wasn’t such a good idea, huh?

Your motivation to achieve things is solid, loyal and unyielding. If you can surround yourself with loyal friends and family who are happy to fill in the emotional gaps you will work this emotional game out along the way.

So Capricorn, we understand that you are a hard worker, just remember to stop to smell the roses and hear the laughter.