Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is a cardinal water sign. To visualise the energy, it is a flowing river that divides and provides.

In terms of stereotypes, I think Cancer gets a bad rap – moody, sulky, too sensitive. Perhaps think of it like this, if your emotions were so close to the surface all of the time, you too, would have the occasional noticeable mood swing. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, we know that the Moon has rhythms, yet we don’t complain about the tides.

Cancerians are fully aware of their emotional sensitivities, so they set about making their life secure to protect themselves from the pain the world can inflict on them. For many, this involves keeping family close, unless of course they are the source of pain. If family is the source of pain, you will find a Cancerian building a new family around them or perhaps fall into the fold of another family. Regardless, the sense of belonging to people who will protect them is important.

Home is where their heart is. Nurture is the name of the game, so they are often fantastic cooks and when life is in order they have welcoming homes, with the type of soft throw rugs you can snuggle under. You might have to fight all their pets for a seat though. Nurturing is not confined to humans and often Cancerians may be loners with a menagerie of animals. Y’know, the crazy cat lady.

The paradox is that Cancerians are often great travellers who love to see and experience the world.  When they have the confidence to do so, they set about creating home wherever they are in the world, and they do it so well. You know the type who is in a hostel for 20 minutes, finds a bottom bunk, hangs up a sarong for privacy, unrolls their sleeping bag, scatters a few favourite objects on the bed and looks like they’ve been living there for years. It’s the Cancerian touch.

If you think they can get a bit self-absorbed, you’re right. The Moon represents a person’s reigning needs. When the Sun is ruled by the Moon, there’s no hiding from your needs, the drive every part of your life.

Befriend a Cancer today! Don’t be offended by their moods, they’re just working through what everyone else does, but it’s on the surface.