Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius is a fixed air sign. To visualise the energy, just think of electricity and lightning.

Hello my kooky friend! If you’re laughing, you are most likely Aquarian or living with one. Not all Aquarians are overtly kooky, but I would go out on a limb to say that they all have some kind of oddness about them.

Their common trait is that they like to do things their way, and it often has something to do with groups. Now, just because you’re Aquarian doesn’t mean you enjoy group therapy. On the contrary, as an Aquarian you are painfully aware of the needs of the group and its members. This will either turn you into a group junkie or send you screaming from the building at the first mention of a corporate bonding day.

The natural result of caring about the human collective is an interest in human rights. So, even the most straight up lawyer or doctor is likely to support Médicin San Frontières or Amnesty International. It’s all about social significance, the Moon in Aquarius energy insists on making a difference in people’s lives.

Now, most Aquarians live conventional lives. For the truly conventional, a telescope and a bit of stargazing might be as Aquarian as you get. For the moderately conventional, the telescope is just a cover for looking for alien life forms. For the unconventional, you haven’t just looked for aliens, you’ve had them over to dinner and cast their horoscopes.

Needing to be unusual is relative. Unusual depends on the norm. For some folks its loads of tattoos, brightly coloured hair or a cheeky piercing. You could be living in a strictly religious gated community and your Aquarian energy would manifest as the simple desire to leave or a devotion to its weirdness. Astrology can’t say whether you would act on it, only that a latent yearning to set yourself apart from the crowd is in there somewhere.

A common description for Moon in Aquarius is ‘emotionally detached’, which would depend heavily on the rest of the horoscope. The more interesting discussion is why? I think perhaps that if the underlying energy is concerned with humankind, then the individual needs of humankind become too hard to process.

Aquarians have the capacity to be incredibly objective, something which is difficult to do without detachment. You can offend people because your objective statements seem blunt and insensitive. What you forget is that other people will load their own subjectivities onto what you say. It pays to run it through your normal people filter before you open your mouth. That’s of course, if you care about offending people.