Dear Neptune

Dear Neptune,

Thanks so much for blowing my mind. I don’t mean in the colloquial sense. I mean actually blowing my mind outward like a glass blower working with shimmering ethereal glass that knows no bounds. Without you, I wouldn’t see the ‘feels’ and feel the ‘sees’. Without you, I wouldn’t cross-pollinate ideas, emotions, and memories. Without you, my intuition would be unsure of itself, grabbing at fears and anxieties and turning them into reasons.

It’s true, you might be the reason I forget to pick the kids up from school. Or no matter how sharp I try to dress, I always seem a little bit crumpled. You may also have something to do with those moments when I say things, only to look into the blank and concerned faces of the people who don’t have you as their companion. When you hear people describe me as being ‘away with the fairies’, I feel you chuckle as I do, in the knowledge that fairies are great company.

Now, because we’re all in this together, I should note that some of your colleagues are equally helpful. I have no doubt that Saturn has helped me work out the intuition thing. And Uranus is surely behind some of my stranger statements. But when I receive pure creative wisdom from the universe of spiritual elders, I know with certainty that you helped me.

The other thing I know with certainty is that it is entirely up to me to receive, to learn and to act.

For the people who aren’t so familiar with your work, I imagine it would feel daunting and powerless when your shimmering haze blows over their horoscope – dissolving things that no longer serve them. Had I not known you were misting over my Ascendant I would have thought I was losing mind. I barely recognised myself. But just that simple knowledge of your movement, gave me the tools to learn about you and work with you.

So Neptune, I say thank you from the bottom of my spirit. And I pledge to work with others who feel the gentle depth of your power changing their lives.

With warmth,

Carole x

Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

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