I’ve got scary shit coming up

If you’ve ever read an astrological forecast that tells you Pluto is conjunct your Ascendant, or Neptune is on your Mid-Heaven. Or better still, Uranus is exposed (I made that one up), you would be forgiven for tightening up your pants, locking all the doors and never leaving the house again.

The danger there, of course, is that the internet is all that connects you to the outside world and you keep reading astrological scaremongery bullshit that slowly makes your world a smaller place.

Interestingly enough, whether you think it’s a load of junk or whether it frightens the bejeezuz out of you, the planets are still doing their thing up in the sky. They’re not that fussed about how you react to their energies. The newsflash is – how you react is entirely up to you.

So, what if when we hear that Pluto is crossing our Ascendant we think, “Gee, that’s intense. I wonder how I can make the best of it?” Pluto doesn’t just arrive at your Ascendant overnight, it has travelled through your 12th house to get there. You know how this shit goes down because you’ve been experiencing it for about 15 years. It has possibly prompted some events that have caused you to stop, slow down and think a little deeper.

Pluto energies ask you to rethink who you think you are. By the time it has crossed your Ascendant it will be time to let go of some old ideas about your identity and replace them with new ones. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but that sounds pretty refreshing.

Neptune moving over your Mid-Heaven might bring energies that confuse or dissolve something about your career. That does sound scary, but how many people do you know that have been forced, in those circumstances, to think a little straighter about what is really important in their life. It’s also an inspirational energy, so it’s that time where you might feel a little bewildered but have some cracking ideas or take up an artistic hobby.

Do you see a pattern here? If you are stubborn, refuse to change and run a mile from healthy introspection, big heavy mean planets are gonna feel scary. If you remember that you are responsible for how you respond in your life, there’s a whole world of possibilities swimming about in the scary pool.

Big scary planets offer us a time check in our outrageously busy uber-connected lives.

“Transits should never be viewed as signifying events that will inevitably come to pass, with you as a helpless observer.” –Robert Hand, Planets in transit: life cycle for living

Photo by Chris Mitchell from Pexels

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