Meet Amethyst

She’s the lead character in The Liminal Exchange zine. A creative project with the amazing Claire Wildish.

What happens when an astrologer/writer gets chatting with an illustrator/artist? We decide to work on a project just for fun. No client briefs, no publishers, just two gals drinking tea, eating biscuits and creating. That’s how Desert Girl (aka Claire Wildish) and Gutter Scarf (aka Carole Lydon) became a team.

The Liminal Exchange is the story of Amtheyst, an unlikely hero, who is inadvertantly transported to another world. There, she discovers that dreams are way more than just strange memories after a night on the cheese. They are a valuable commodity. And wherever you have a valuable commodity, you’re bound to have an evil mastermind and his hapless sidekick. Because we are in the netherworld, elemental creatures are a must.

We love zines. Old school, photocopied zines that you hold in your hand, dog-ear the corners and leave in the basket next to the toilet.

Once I get organised, I’ll put Liminal Exchange Issue #1 in the Shop.

Bye for now, Gutter Scarf 🙂

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