Why don’t I feel like my sun sign?

The anticipation is mild to arousing. You’ve made a cuppa, opened up your favourite mag, flicked through to the horoscopes for a look at your day/week/month/season and pfft! Gemini doesn’t even sound like you, it never does!

Or worse, Aunty Mary told you you’re on the cusp. It sounds excruciating. On the cusp of losing your mind? On the cusp of losing your patience? On the cusp of a fence you regret climbing?

The good news is that you can’t really be on the astrological cusp. You can be on the edge, but not on the cusp. Your Sun is either in one sign or another. For example, it will be at 29 minutes 59 seconds Virgo just before it tips over into 00 minutes 00 seconds Libra. It’s a matter of knowing the time you were born.

I can hear you sayin, “But I feel more Aries than Virgo. And when I read my horoscope Aries always fits.” This can happen for a couple of reasons: 1) you have Moon in Aries, or 2) you have an Aries Ascendant. Both of these things will make you feel more Aries.

We all have every planet and every sign in our horoscope. Some are accentuated more by their placement in different houses, on different angles, or even the other planets they sit next to.

So, you can’t be on the cusp, but you can be a wonderful combination of many things.

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