Astrology is the compass I use to navigate the weird and crazy shit that happens in life. I use it to help my clients navigate their lives. The birth horoscope is like an extra tool box that helps us change perspective just enough to make sense of our worlds.

For some people it’s a wake-up call and for others it offers a gentle letting off the hook.

My approach is always, always that each of us is responsible for our own lives. Planets don’t make us do things. So if you’re a planet-blamer look away now.

Sure, there are planetary influences that shift the energies around us at certain times, but it’s up to us to get out of bed each brand new day and work out how we will do the hard stuff and make the most of the good times.

This is the place where I offer planetary insights randomly and when I find the time in between the rest of life. I’ll ignore all social media timetabling experts. I’ll write when I feel like it.

I’ll talk about how you can become the master of your own energies and I’ll borrow the term ‘enrealment’ from Jeff Brown. I’ll be tipping the balance of ‘as above, so below’ back to below so we can strap on the big girl shoes (not gender specific advice btw) and do some extreme earthbound adulting.

Blessings, Carole  x

Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels


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